Voice of the Planet

We invite you, Nature World. Protect Future togther.

Harmonic Science


Healing your heart

You can heal your tired mind with the coronavirus.
Natural sounds are perfect for daily healing and tea time.

For Study or Business

Studying in the natural sounds will improve your concentration. Increases the efficiency of work at home.

Environmental protection

By knowing nature first, you will develop a feeling of cherishing nature. We hope to protect our Future.


For the Planet, protect Nature Sounds

Protect Nature Sounds

Japan & World Nature Sounds

Hearing natural sounds is very difficult in modern times thats why Airplanes are flying a lot for 24 hours and ....

Shigeru Saito

President / OTTAVA inc.

The coronavirus is still rampant.We try to New Challenge. Voice of the Planet is ...

Listener's Voice

Opinions from OTTAVA listeners & Sponsoring company

Voice of the Planet