Voice of the Planet

The gentle murmur of a brook...

The whispering of the trees in a forest...

The relaxing rhythm of the waves on a beach...

We'd like to share, with people around the world, "The Voice of the Planet" - the beautiful melodies played by the earth.

Discover your favourite sounds and images of nature,

here at Voice of the Planet.

Harmonic Science


Healing your heart

Natural sounds are perfect for daily healing and relaxation of the mind and spirit.

For Study or Business

Studying with natural sounds around you improves concentration.

Increase the efficiency of working at home.

Environmental protection

By listening to nature, you will learn to cherish it.

We hope to protect our Future.

The power of nature's sound and the various effects it has on our minds and bodies, has been well researched and documented. This field, is called: Harmonic Science.

Participants in these studies have reported various lifestyle improvements, such as..

- better quality of sleep

- shorter, more effective, meeting times

- valuable prenatal & baby training benefits

- enhanced skin care


- positive anti-aging gains.

And these, are just a few examples.

By placing yourself amongst nature's own melodies, you will come to feel less stress, as your immune system gradually adjusts.

The soothing music of the streams...

The rustle of bamboo or the chirping of wild birds and crickets...

We have used nature's melodies to help our well-being since the dawn of time.

And these days, with new challenges to our health, its time to turn once again to the vibration of the natural world for help. Be in awe of all life, of yourself, and cultivate a heart that values nature.

The earth is talking to us, and we must listen.

It's sounds are proof of the power of nature, that nurtures life itself.


24 hours of Voice of the Planet are...

- Morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night to midnight, we deliver the most suitable natural sound for each time zone. Locations where the pieces of sound were recorded will be shown on our website every day.

- Three to four tracks of classical music - each piece in a few minute from works of Renaissance to Baroque, or Classical to Romantic periods - will be heard during each hour with the flow of natural sounds. The title of each track and name of the performer will be given on our website.

- Once an hour, you will hear a message in English. These are quotations and words by poets, artists, natural scientists or anonymous sayings. The quotations are about "coexistence with nature" and convey Japanese mentality about nature and culture.

Duncan Hamilton


Duncan Hamilton is an actor, narrator, DJ, critic and commentator from Ireland.

He has worked as a performer, theatre director and scriptwriter for various theatre and film productions in Japan and internationally.

He lives in the satoyama of Kyotango (Kyoto Prf.)and conveys the uniqueness of Japanese nature and culture to the world.

Participation fee

"The monthly subscription fee of Voice of the Planet is JPY 550 (approximately US$ 5.00).

Some of the sales will be donated to protect and rebuild the nature of Fukushima and Yakushima.

Now you can listen to Voice of the Planet for free for 2 hours per day.

About Us


OTTAVA is an internet radio station specializing in classical music that opened in 2007.

Among such stations in Japan, we have the largest number of listeners of over

one million in 50 countries around the world. We play sound of nature as well

as classical music during many hours of the day.   

The Society for Harmonic Science

Our Partner

"Voice of the Planet" sends out classical music mixed with sounds of nature from around the world, archived extensively by our partner, the Society for Harmonic Science, a research institute on the effect of sounds to the body and mind.

Nature Sound / Healing Garden/ Joy Foundation
Creative Produce / Keiichiro Kita
Field Recording / Satoru Nakada・Takuya Mori  
Edit& Mix / Team KJR Studio
Supervision/The Society for Harmonic Science

The Society for Harmonic Science


Camerata Tokyo, Inc. 

Our Partner

"Voice of the Planet" sends out high quality classical music with our music partner Camerata Tokyo, Inc.

Since Hiroshi Isaka founded Camerata Tokyo in 1978, the company has been involved in intimate
collaboration with some of the world's greatest musicians. Not only has the founder himself produced the

company's entire over 1,000 recordings with the help of Camerata's state-of-the-art engineering talent and

facilities, the company extends its commitment by organizing concerts and managing every aspect of artist's repertoire to bring great music to discerning audiences.

 Camerata Tokyo, Inc.


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